Yantra and Mantra Retreat
29th July – 5th August 2024

The retreat is led by Antarshuddhi, Vienna and Brahmananda, London.

Join us for a week in the beautiful Tuscan nature – practicing, creating, living and expressing together.

This week of sadhana will be integrated with other yoga practices for deepening of experience and reflection.

What are Yantra and Mantra

Yantra is a geometric image, which is said to be the manifested form of a mantra, a vibration. The drawing and painting of a yantra is practiced together with its respective mantra as a sadhana. Mantra is the essential principle or energy and the yantra is the body, the vehicle. Yantras are powerful tools of meditation, which help us to focus the mind, expand the awareness and activate our creative potential. Each symbol in a yantra, and vibration of a mantra resonates in deeper layers of human consciousness and can be used as tools of profound inner and outer transformation.

Topic will be announced soon

This one full week retreat will offer plenty of time for drawing, painting, expression and silence, finding our balance in inner and outer life, amidst the abundance of Mother Nature in the beautiful atmosphere of Grempoli.

The Retreat Includes

A full and varied programme, from 7 am to 9 pm.

  • Daily 90 minutes asana, pranayama, and meditation class
  • Yoga nidra sessions
  • Karma yoga and periods of silence (mouna)
  • Daily mantra chanting practice
  • Drawing and painting of yantra as a practice and a sacred act
  • Exploring the use of colour and colour mixing in yantra painting
  • Development of your own sketchbook to explore these techniques
  • Evening sessions on the terrace, including kirtan and havan (fire ceremony)
  • A day off halfway through with local walk and picnic lunch.

No previous knowledge or experience of drawing and painting is necessary. A list of materials needed will be emailed after booking

Language: English


The retreat will begin at 5pm sharp on Monday 29th July, it will conclude with lunch at 1pm on Monday 5th August.

Please try and arrive by 3pm on the 29th July to give yourself time to settle in. The programme will conclude with lunch at 1pm on the 5th August. (You are more than welcome to come a day early) The programme will conclude with lunch at 1pm on the 5th. Please arrange your arrival and departure to ensure that you do not miss any part of the programme. Unfortunately, this year won’t be possible to stay an additional day after the program has concluded. Departure for all participants on 5th August.

Cost of Retreat: to be announced soon

To express your interest for the retreat, please, fill in our contact form.


If I had had an expectation, this course would have exceeded it all as it was truly wonderful, well planned out, exceptional teaching, thoroughly enjoyable while challenging and fully provoking. Thank you all so much.

Caitriona, Ireland

Retreat 2019

I can recommend the retreat to the fullest. The theoretical input, practice and environment of Grempoli make this experience unique and let participants dive deeply into the world of mantra and yantra. Thank you for offering this course and sharing your knowledge with us.

Miriam, Vienna

Retreat 2020